Kethi Kilonzo Locked from Makueni Senate by Elections

By: Kobia Koome (Mentee)

Keithi Kilonzo, daughter of former Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo, has been barred from seeking the post once held by her father.

The Makueni Senate’s Dispute Resolution Committee ruled Monday that Ms. Kilonzo’s election verification slip, paperwork required as a condition of candidacy, was one of five stolen from a booklet used to register former President Mwai Kibaki.

Allegations against Ms. Kilonzo, nominated by the Wiper party to succeed her father, were first aired by her rival from the National Alliance.

The IEBC Dispute Resolution Committee not only revoked Ms. Kilonzo’s credentials, but also ordered an investigation into how she acquired those credentials in the first place.     The committee at the same time upheld the nomination of Jubilee candidate Philip Kaloki, dismissing allegations that he was a member of more than one party.

Difference between a Blog and a News Article

By: Pete Combs (Mentor)

The differences between a blog and a news article are many. They include:

1. A blog is often written in the first person (My experience is…).
A news article is written in the third person (said mentor Pete

2. In a blog, YOU are the main source of information. You are, after
all, writing of your personal experiences. In a news article, you are
almost always using external sources. In a news story, you are
strictly a CONDUIT of information.

3. In a blog, YOU are the subject. In a news story, YOU are the least
part of the equation! In a news story, remember that you are merely

4. Here’s another way to look at it. In a blog, you are both the
photographer and the subject of the picture. You paint with a brush in
one hand and a mirror in the other and the subject of your painting is
what you see through the looking glass. In a news story, your senses
are directed outward and there is no room in the picture for an image
of you. In a news story, you are trying to render an image that is as
close to photographic as possible.


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Kobia Koome is a final-year student at the East African Media Institute in Nairobi, Kenya. SGF’s Mentorship Program paired him with Pete Combs, News Reporter at WSB and CBS Radio in Atlanta, GA. With Pete’s encouragement and coaching, Kobia learned how to format and launch his own blog. Every week he spends hours updating his blog using writing tips he got from his mentor. To read Kobia’s blogs, visit