Difference between a Blog and a News Article

By: Pete Combs (Mentor)

The differences between a blog and a news article are many. They include:

1. A blog is often written in the first person (My experience is…).
A news article is written in the third person (said mentor Pete

2. In a blog, YOU are the main source of information. You are, after
all, writing of your personal experiences. In a news article, you are
almost always using external sources. In a news story, you are
strictly a CONDUIT of information.

3. In a blog, YOU are the subject. In a news story, YOU are the least
part of the equation! In a news story, remember that you are merely

4. Here’s another way to look at it. In a blog, you are both the
photographer and the subject of the picture. You paint with a brush in
one hand and a mirror in the other and the subject of your painting is
what you see through the looking glass. In a news story, your senses
are directed outward and there is no room in the picture for an image
of you. In a news story, you are trying to render an image that is as
close to photographic as possible.

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