Discussion question for Eric Njuguna

Hi, Eric! We’re going to try this discussion post …. Take a look at the question I have posed below and respond. Let us know if you have difficulties:

Journalists need to be storytellers as well as accurate reporters. Why do you think this statement is true?


  1. Eric Njuguna says:

    The statement is true.This is because as journalist’s main work is to inform,educate and as well entertain the society.
    By saying that journalists should be storytellers means that they should come up with flowing report on something real and interesting to the public e.g reporting on feature articles.Features in most cases are seen as stories and so the journalist should pass it across to the audience in a storytelling manner.
    However this does not call for inaccurate reporting,the tory must be factual and not cooked up.

    • Helen Fallon says:

      You are on the right track! Journalists know that readers, listeners and viewers want to be lured into reading or watching their reports. There is no better way than to tell them a story. We also have such an interest in people and their triumphs, tragedies and troubles. Storytelling helps professionals do just that.

      And you are exact right: We must still be accurate. Our work is much to important — no matter where it is done, in the USA or Kenya or anywhere. The information helps keep audiences informed and ready to make important decisions in their lives. And in turn those decisions affect others. Feature writing is no different from news writing in that regard.

      One final point: Some news stories can take on a featurish approach or style where appropriate. In a more explanatory article, many journalists employ storytelling techniques, called narrative writing. It’s used after breaking news, to tell the story behind the news. And again, most often the emphasis is on the people involved in the news event or affected by it.

      Good start, Eric. I can’t wait to read your profile.

      Best, Helen

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