Question for Phillip Githaiga

Hey Phillip, a discussion question for you: Why are you interested in journalism and what do you think is its role in society?


  1. Phillip Githaiga says:

    I am interested in journalism so that I can pass information that matters to the public. Moreover, I will be able to criticize any wrong doing in the public domain so as to bring up a morally and ethically right public.
    I think the roles of journalism in the society are to:-
    Inform the audience so that the audience can make informed and educated decisions. Many people make wrong decisions over certain issues because they have been misinformed.

    Journalism is also entitled to delivering facts to the audience, journalists are indebted to base their information with verified, attributed sourced and tested facts. However they should not persuade the audience to decide but should let the audience decide on their own because by doing so would mean that they have already taken sides in a certain story.
    To find enlightening stories that had it not for the journalist the world would have not known about them, as well as uncovering information that is hidden from the audiences face sop that it can be known to ;them. If the journalist fears to uncover certain issues that directly affect the audience then they will have failed in their duty of informing, educating, provoking, advising and communicating at large.
    Finally I think that journalism has a role of answering the simple question of who? What? When? Where? Why? And how? (The five W’s and an H) it is the answer to these simple questions that keep the audience yearning for information.

    • Daniel Malloy says:

      That’s a very thoughtful reply, Phillip.
      Here’s one: Do you think it is ethical for a reporter to take money from a source? What about paying a source? What about buying lunch for someone? Where do you draw the ethical line?

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