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Ethics Question for Debby Bílïty

Hi Debby!

Why is it important for a journalist to remain ethical in their decision making?

We discussed seven steps for ethical decision-making, which one do you consider most important, and why? 

(Hint: Keep in mind those crucial bullet points I provided you.)



Discussion Topic/Questions for Nicolas

1. How does social media effect journalism in today’s world?



2.  How can the public utilize social media to make people aware of issues they feel are important and should be known?




Discussion Questions for Ian

Hi Ian,

Please answer the following questions. I’m just curious to see your opinions on the topic of ethical journalism. Have a wonderful day!

What are some ethical issues do you think journalists have to deal with on a daily basis? Why do you think it’s important to for a journalist to stay ethical while he/she reports a story?



Professional Standards of Journalists-Abby Gaceru


Developing ethical standards is in many ways a personal exercise. How does the individual act of self governance affect the quality of a free press society?

Tip: Remember the “Golden Rule”

What are five good questions to ask yourself when faced with an ethical dilemma?