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The Superpowers of Kerry Washington

Normally when a woman gives birth, their priority is to protect, care and have enough rest for both the infant and for herself. That’s what should happen, but then comes Kerry Washington. The Scandal actress just gave birth to a baby boy a few weeks ago. Yet, she still makes time to lead through example by using her social media platform to address controversial allegations of a woman who died by the hands of Brooklyn Police.

New York police Sgt. Hugh Barry killed Bronx native, Deborah Danner, a 66-year-old Black woman. Medical records showed, Danner was diagnosed with a mental condition, schizophrenia. According to reports made by Bing News, Danner’s neighbors called 911 after complaints about loud yelling from Danner’s home.

When the police responded, Danner allegedly charged at the sergeant with a bat. As the series of event escalated Barry, shot at her torso twice declaring her as good as dead.

Members of her community are outraged by yet another avoidable and tragic murder of a black woman. Kerry was not left behind in the indignation and reacted as any affected black woman would. Despite her celebrity quo, she felt that her voice mattered and that she could not remain silent towards the massacre of the black race.

In her twitter post, Kerry wrote,  “The loss of Deborah Danner has rattled my core.  Not only because of the painful truth that we must continue to affirm that  #BlackLivesMatter but also because  #Deborah Danner was killed in the community where I was raised. A community filled with people I know and love. So when I say her name my heartaches. For lives lost and for the lives we must work to illuminate and preserve and affirm.”

Many are referring to this post as “Kerry’s Rant,” but the statement is more than a mere rant.  It’s a cry for justice from a black woman who is tired from all the discrimination against Black Americans.  Washington is a concerned American citizen who is trying her best to address this never-ending police brutality.

The Scandal star is also an ambassador for the Allstate Purple Purse Foundation.  The foundation has a campaign that benefits victims and survivors of domestic abuse. They help the survivors understand the need to be financially self -sufficiency, by helping them toward a financially independent life, free from abuse.

For the third year, Washington continues helping the foundation design purple bags. Why purple?  It is the color that symbolizes domestic abuse. Washington is passionate about this because finance is the number one reason why women stay or go back to abusive relationships. She recently designed the fall bag that said, “The goal is to really end the cycle of abuse so that the choice to have a Purple Purse is solely esthetic and not about making a difference and changing   lives through fashion.” She also adds that being an ambassador for such an organization is an honor for her because she loves to be a part of long-term solutions, according to People T.V. Watch website.

The actress is an honorable example, of a role model, to all girls who are trying to get a voice and echo words of peace of justice and harmony. Washington is an admirable character, which can lead great feminists. She is selfless for not only giving back, but also fighting for the rights of the  ‘lesser folks’ in our society. It is not always about our place in the community, but what we are actually doing with it.

As you read this, my questions for you are, ‘Have you discovered your superpowers, and what are you doing to help everyone around you with your abilities?’

Writer: Terry Njoroge


Utilitarianism- What do you think? Question for Sellah Treza

Utilitarianism is the approach to ethics which implies that the end results justify the means taken to achieve that end.

For example, in the pdf, it is mentioned that Indian reporters disguised themselves as businessmen–with fake companies and documents–to investigate corruption in the military. They bribed military officials, to the length of providing them with prostitutes, in order to lay the groundwork for the investigation, which was documented on film.

The investigation led to corrupt officials, even the minister of defense, to resign. This end result was beneficial to society. But the means by which the reporters obtained this–by lying, spying, and creating fraudulent documents–would not be considered ethical.

In your opinion, did the reporters act justly? If you were one of the reporters, would you do the same? Why or why not? Explain.

Global News and technology. Topic for Yvonne P.

In previous years, newspapers had a section titled “Foreign News”? Today, is any news really ‘foreign’?

The internet has no national borders. Additional, with the advancement of technology and the internet era, are we more aware and connected to political, economic, and social news in other parts of the world regardless of our own country citizenship/nationality?

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know!

Global Journalism Ethics – Sharon

Why do ethics matter in journalism? How can a journalist practice good ethics?

After responding to the questions above, think about this scenario:

You are a reporter for a local news organization. You get a phone call from an anonymous source claiming to have information on a well-known doctor who is selling illegal drugs in his clinic. The anonymous source does not give you his/her name, but tells you that he/she will call you back tomorrow with more information. You wait for the anonymous caller to call you back the next day, but they never do. The information the source gave you is huge – a well-know doctor selling illegal drugs!? This story could be big and possibly gain you recognition for investigative reporting.

What do you do? Should you publish a brief (a short story) or an in-depth story on the information the anonymous caller gave you? Why or why not?