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Click the link below to see a presentation about Interviewing.

The Art of an Interview 



Conversations about Media Ethics

Discussion Questions:

– From your understanding, without researching the terms, why would ethics be an important rule for journalist?

– How would you define Ethics, as it relates to Journalism?- (For this question you can research the term)

The Blogging Experience

When writing a blog, the information that you provide your audience should be real. It’s ok to incorporate a little bit of your own personal style/ flare in blog writing, because it’s a more relaxed writing style. It can also be very fun, and if you market it the right way. People generally like blogs because they provide persecutive, easy to read, and shorter than a full article.

Are you familiar with the importance of have a good lead? The lead if the first thing that your readers will see, and the most important part of the story. It needs to grasp the reader’s attention.

Have you come across any good blogs? If so what are they. Feel free to share links.

Social Media and Journalism

-What importance does the role of social media/ multimedia have within the field of Journalism? -Are there any threats or issues with social media. multimedia that journalist should be knowledgeable on?

-What are some pros or con that social media/ multimedia have on journalism?

Multimedia Journalism and Social Media Presentation



Click here to view presentation on Multimedia Journalism and Social Media.