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Media Projects

Want to help make it possible for a student to gain hands-on experience in journalism in the developing world? You can help students achieve the dream of becoming a journalist and ethically voicing their opinions.

The Sameera Gokal Foundation supports media projects in developing countries to shape and advance journalism studies.

On July 11, 2013, the Foundation funded its first media project in Kenya, helping students at the East African Media Institute to turn their visions into stories by producing Kenya Journal, an online news magazine program which will broadcast on a YouTube channel. This project will offer students a chance to translate their journalism knowledge and skills into a product that will add to the body of journalism worldwide.

Many of these young journalists are unable to get funds to bring their stories to life. Normally, they cannot afford to rent equipment, they have no access to editing facilities, they are unable to connect to knowledge resources and they lack a platform to showcase their work. With the help of committed supports like you, the Foundation can continue to assist in funding new equipment and technology, where students will be able to tell their own stories through their camera lens.

If you are a school in a developing country that needs our support with student media projects, please submit your proposal to Be sure to include the name of your school and country.

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